Unicorn Mug Hamper




Everyone Loves Unicorns and Rainbows !
The Cute Unicorn Hamper comes with an exclusive unicorn mug with a beautiful spoon and lid.
This bubbly gift box makes a cute gift for kids and teenagers.

The Unicorn Mug Hamper has a keepsake mdf trunk and contains

A Unicorn Mug

A tricolour Unicorn body butter for body hydration.

A bubbly berry handmade shampoo which is SLS and Paraben free (200ml)

A Candy Gum nourishing lipbalm

A handmade Strawberry and Lemonade soap (120-130g)

A handmade Unicorn Magic Handmade Soap (120-130g)

A Raspberry Soapsicle Candy (100g)

A Pretty Ribbon Hairpin

An exclusive Sipper Keychain

A Cat pen

A Hot Chocolate Edible Stirrer

Free shipping within India

Handwritten note and Customised Gift tag on request


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