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Traditions Anew Mithai Candle Set

Traditions Anew Mithai Candle Set: A luxurious heritage showcase. Pista Tart Candles: Three, echoing royal Pista tart essence. Gujiya Candles: Three, radiating timeless Gujiya elegance. Laddoo Candles: Three, resonating with traditional grandeur. Baklava Candles: Three, infused with rich Baklava scent.


Regal Assortment: Presenting the Traditions Anew Mithai Candle Set, a beacon of luxury and heritage.

Pista Tart Candles: Three candles, embodying the sumptuous aroma of royal Pista tarts.

Gujiya Candles: Three candles, exuding the classic elegance of timeless Gujiya.

Laddoo Candles: Three candles, encapsulating the grandeur of traditional Laddoos.

Baklava Candles: Three candles, celebrating the opulent fragrance of rich Baklava.

Exquisite Presentation: Nestled within an ornate festive box, fit for royalty.

Complimentary Royal Delivery: Enjoy free shipping across the vast lands of India.

Bespoke Offerings: Option to adorn with a customised tag or a handwritten note, tailored to your wishes.

Indulge in the majestic allure of our hand-picked collection, where ancient traditions meet royal opulence.

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