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Step into a world of opulence and tradition with “Suvarn Utsav: Aahvan of Luxury,” our handcrafted festival basket designed to bring you the pinnacle of self-care. This carefully curated set promises a lush, rejuvenating experience that aligns seamlessly with the festive spirit. All our products are handmade, SLS and Paraben-free, underscoring our commitment to natural, ethical luxury.

**Handmade Soaps (130g each)**:
– **Saffron**: For radiant, glowing skin.
– **Multani Mitti**: Deep cleanse and purify.
– **Moroccan Clay**: Luxurious detox for the skin.

**Relaxing Foot Soak (200g)**:
Unwind and soothe tired feet with the calming aroma and therapeutic properties of our special blend.

**Sandalwood Urli Candle**:
Elevate your ambiance with the serene scent of sandalwood emanating from a beautifully crafted Urli candle.

**Kesar and Almond Anti-Aging Facewash**:
A lavish facial cleanser that incorporates the rejuvenating powers of saffron and almond.

**Ghee Sutra Anti-Aging Cream (50g)**:
Immerse your skin in this potent formulation, enriched with the goodness of clarified butter (ghee).

**Body Oil**:
A luxurious elixir to nourish and hydrate your skin from head to toe.


**Additional Features**:
– **All Natural**: Only the finest, natural ingredients are used.
– **Floral Decor**: Comes beautifully adorned with festive floral decor.
– **Free Shipping Within India**: No additional charges for shipping within the country.
– **Handwritten Tag and Note on Request**: Add a personal touch to your gifting with a custom handwritten tag or note.

Experience luxury like never before with “Suvarn Utsav: Aahvan of Luxury.” It’s not just a gift; it’s an invitation to a festival of lavishness. Order yours today!


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