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Spice Latte Lip Balm (Non Tinted)

Description "Drinking coffee is one thing, but wearing coffee? Says who? Says us! Start with the natural lip scrub to exfolliate your lips and then follow with the rich and creamy lip balm. The infusion of coffee butter into this rich, emollient lip balm will invigorate, nourish and soothe your chapped lips. Uniquely Blended With Lip Safe Colours And Fragrances." Weight 7 gm


"Experience the luxurious caress of our Spice Latte Lip Balm, a handmade delight crafted with an intimate touch of artisan expertise and nature’s finest offerings. Every swipe immerses your lips into a world where the naturally protective beeswax coalesces with a rich symphony of mango, cocoa, kokum, and avocado butters, each element meticulously chosen for their deep, nourishing properties. The blend of illustrious oils – from the soothing olive to the revitalizing jojoba, and the sweetly subtle almond – whispers a hydrating melody to tenderly moisturize and revitalize your lips. But the journey does not end here; immerse yourself into an aromatic escapade, infused with the charmingly robust scents of coffee and a tantalizing whisper of cinnamon fragrance oil, each application a step into a cozy, fragrant haven. Our Spice Latte Lip Balm is not merely a product; it's a sensual journey, delicately connecting you to nature's bountiful treasures."

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