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“Step into the realm of luxurious gifting with SOUNDARYA BASKET. Crafted for the discerning, each hamper is a harmonious blend of elegance and opulence. Housed in a refined basket adorned with floral artistry and a delicate ribbon, it is a symphony of sophistication that speaks to the heart.

Special Privileges:
– Complimentary Shipping Within India
– Customized Tag or Handwritten Note Upon Request

Choose SOUNDARYA BASKET for an unparalleled gifting experience that transcends the ordinary, perfect for all occasions.”

– Cocoa and Shea Handmade Body Duo (300ml each): Immerse in the nourishing embrace of cocoa and shea, lovingly handcrafted into body wash and lotion.
– Sun-Safe Gel Sunscreen (30ml, SPF 50): Offer your skin the shield of utmost protection against harmful sun exposure.
– Algae Ghee Sutra Repair Face Cream: Elevate your skincare ritual with this miraculous fusion of algae and ghee.
– Haldi and Honey Face Scrub (50g): Reveal a luminous complexion with this time-honored blend of turmeric and honey.
– Nani Maa’s Ubtan (50g): Experience skincare wisdom handed down through generations in a jar.
– Relaxing Foot Soak Pouch: Allow the weariness to soak away, as you indulge in this pampering foot soak.
– Nourishing Lip Oil: Bestow your lips with the gift of eternal softness.
– Almond Treat Cadbury Bar: End on a sweet note with this tantalizing almond chocolate bar.



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