Saffron Walnut Scrub Soap

A Special blend of Kashmir Kesar & Walnut Protein exfoliant for a rich & luxurious bathing experience.
You will fall in love with the mild aroma of this soap we promise.

Kashmiri Kesar & Walnut Protein Help In Naturally Improving The Skin tone & also by removing the dead skin cells.
Camel milk soap base provides intense hydration for people with h dry skin.



Saffron Walnut Scrub Soap

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Handcrafted Saffron Walnut Scrub Soap Is A Mild Exfoliating Soap Bar Infused With The Goodness Of Kashmiri Kesar along with walnut protein as an exfoliant, it helps in deep cleansing of the body and removing the dead skin layer.

The nourishing properties of camel milk , shea butter, mango butter & Sweet almond oil along with Kesar extracts provide deep nourishment & hydration after exfoliation by walnut protein



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