Saffron And Walnut Face Scrub


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“Introducing our Saffron and Walnut Face Scrub, an epitome of skincare opulence meticulously crafted for dull and aging skin. Housed in a 50g jar, this handmade treasure blends the ancient allure of saffron with the potent efficacy of walnut shell protein, all formulated within an exquisite saffron gel base.

– Recommended Ritual: For optimal results, use twice weekly and bestow your skin with our Saffron Illuminating Cream as part of your nightly routine.

Elevate your beauty regimen with our Saffron and Walnut Face Scrub, and awaken your skin’s inherent elegance every evening.”

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Elegant Features:
– Organic Indulgence: Revel in the authentic touch of organic ingredients that pay homage to age-old beauty secrets.
– Luxurious Saffron Gel Base: A unique blend of saffron gel offers both the richness of heritage and the luxury of modern skincare.
– Walnut Shell Protein: Treat your skin to the gentle, yet thorough, exfoliation afforded by finely ground walnut shell.
– Universal Appeal: Skillfully formulated to rejuvenate all skin types, enhancing your complexion’s natural radiance.




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