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Royal Mithai Candle Box

"Royal Mithai Candle Box" for Diwali: Hand-poured candles mimicking India's finest mithais. Luxurious box, delightful aromas, with free shipping in India. Personalized tags on request. Light up tradition and luxury this Diwali!


Step into the luminous world of Diwali with our “Royal Mithai Candle Box” – an ode to India's rich culinary heritage and the festive spirit of lights. This meticulously curated box features an array of exquisite candles, each hand-poured to perfection and shaped to mirror the intricate details of real Indian mithai. Inside, you'll find:

7 lustrous Kaju Roll candles

3 decadent Baklava candles

3 authentic Mini Gujiya candles

3 delectable Pista Tart candles

Each candle not only resembles its mithai counterpart in design but also tantalizes the senses with an aroma so delightful, you'd think you're amidst a festive feast! Presented in a luxurious box, it's the epitome of elegance, making it a perfect gift for Diwali.

But that's not all. We understand the essence of personal touches during festivities. Hence, on request, we offer a customised tag or a handwritten note, adding that special warmth to your gift. And to make your Diwali gifting even more seamless, we are pleased to offer free shipping within India.

Celebrate this Diwali with a fusion of tradition and luxury. Let the “Royal Mithai Candle Box” light up your homes and hearts, offering an experience that's truly unparalleled.

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