Rainbow Cake Slice Soap


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Step into a world of pure bathing bliss with our handcrafted Blueberry Rainbow Cake Slice Soap! This isn’t just soap; it’s a work of art. Featuring dreamy pastel rainbow layers and crowned with adorable blueberries, each slice is finished with a sprinkle of eco-friendly, biodegradable glitter. The hefty 150g size ensures you’ll enjoy this sensory treat for longer. But wait till you catch a whiff—the captivating scent trio of bubblegum, mixed fruits, and a zing of peppermint turns bath time into a delicious ritual you’ll look forward to. Gentle enough for kids and admired by adults, it’s the perfect present for birthdays, showers, and party favors. Elevate your daily routine or give the gift of luxury with this extraordinary soap!


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