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Pink Candy Popsicle Soap

"Cherry Blossom Pink Candy Cane Popsicle Soap"


Indulge in the sweet luxury of our Pink Candy Cane Popsicle Soap:

- Triple Butter Indulgence: A decadent blend of shea, cocoa, and mango butters for velvet-soft skin.


- Rich Oil Infusion: Olive, almond, and coconut oils drench your skin in moisture and a delicate, glowing sheen.

- Sumptuous Scent: The deep, ripe notes of dark cherry meet a mysterious woody aroma for an irresistibly lush fragrance.

- Artisan Craftsmanship: Skillfully handmade in small batches, capturing the essence of bespoke quality.

- Pure and Gentle: SLS and paraben-free, ensuring a kind and soothing cleanse for every skin type.

Envelop yourself in the opulent embrace of our Pink Candy Cane Popsicle Soap – a confectionery-inspired delight for the senses!

Weight 80g

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