Musky Oudh Miniature Box


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“Introducing the ‘MUSH AND OUDH’ Miniature Box, your go-to pocket-friendly gifting solution that doesn’t compromise on luxury. This charming box is decorated with a perky ribbon, giving it a personalized, festive flair perfect for any occasion.

Special Perks:
– Free Shipping Within India
– Handwritten Note Available Upon Request

Choose the ‘MUSH AND OUDH’ Miniature Box for an affordable yet luxurious gifting experience that’s perfect for any occasion.”


Inside the Box:
– Musky Oudh Handmade Body Wash (50ml) & Body Lotion (50ml): Dive into the exotic aroma of musky oudh with this invigorating body care duo. SLS and paraben-free for a natural touch.
– Herbal Essence Shampoo (50ml): Experience the gentle, yet effective cleansing properties of our herbal essence formula.
– Vitamin C Face Wash (30ml): Brighten your complexion with the refreshing burst of Vitamin C.
– Mighty Musk Handmade Soap (130g): Enrich your bath routine with this musk-infused artisan soap.
– Oudh Burst Foot Soak Test Tube: Indulge your feet in the invigorating experience of oudh, encapsulated in a charming test tube format.



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