Mani-Pedi Kit

A complete range of Hand and Foot Care Kit that includes a Pain relieving Foot Soak, an exfoliating Hand and Foot Scrub, a nourishing Hand and Foot Yogurt along with a Hand and Foot Clay Mask for Rejuvenation and Detanning.

The pain relieving foot soak helps in exfoliating dead skin and softening of the callus of heels which can eventually be easily removed using a pumice stone. The Epsom salts help in soothing of the sore muscles.

Our foot scrub contains Walnut Shell Powder for exfoliation of dead and lifeless skin and thus help in rejuvenation of the skin of hands and feet.

The yogurt can be used for massaging and nourishing of your hand and feet, its made with shea, cocoa and kokum butter along with almond and olive oil.

The rejuvenating clay mask is infused with alpha hydroxy acids and anti oxidants that help in rejuvenating and removal of skin tan and pigmentation.


This makes a perfect at home Mani-Pedi Kit .


Available in 2 Flavours

  1. Chamomile Mint
  2. Candy Crush



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Candy Crush, Chamomile Mint


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