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Lavender Brew Boba Tea Soap

Elevate your daily ritual with a soap that combines visual charm, tactile luxury, and aromatic bliss. Add our LAVENDER BREW Boba Tea Handmade Soap to your cart today and prepare to unwind in the most delightful way!


Immerse yourself in a calming sensory experience with our LAVENDER BREW Boba Tea Handmade Soap! This 130g bar is a delight for the eyes and a treat for the skin, featuring a lovely lavender hue that instantly elevates your bathroom decor. Adding whimsy to its elegant color, the soap is topped with adorable soap "ice cubes," giving a playful nod to the boba tea we all adore.

Crafted using a luxurious triple butter soap base, our LAVENDER BREW soap delivers a rich, velvety lather that envelops your skin in pure softness. It's free of SLS and parabens, ensuring a natural, gentle cleanse that pampers your skin without compromise.

But the star of the show has to be its intoxicating scent. Infused with a rich brew of lavender essential oil, each use releases a calming aroma that fills the air, transforming your bath or shower into a tranquil spa retreat.

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