Clay Masks

Options To Choose From

Oatmeal and Honey Clay

Papaya Clay

Tomato Clay

Refreshing Rose Clay

Soothing Cucumber Clay

Charcoal & Tea Tree Clay

Matcha Green Tea Clay

Brazilian Gold Clay

Vitamin C Clay

Chocolate Clay

300₹ Each For 80 gms

How To Choose?

Normal But Dull Skin : Brazilian / Vitamin C/ Rose Oily / Tomato

Acne Prone Skin : Green Tea / Charcoal Dry / Papaya

Dull : Cucumber / Chocolate / Oatmeal

Our Handmade Clay Masks Are A Must Have As A Part Of Your Regular Skincare Routine At Home !

1) Refreshing Rose Mask : Helps In Skin Brightening & Over The Long Term Usage Also Helps In Removal Of Skin Tan & Dark Spots

2) Charcoal & Teatree Mask : If You’ve Oily Or Acne Prone Skin or You’re Exposed Too Much To Dust & Pollution All Day Long, The Charcoal Mask Is Your Go To Skincare As It Deep Cleanses & Removes The Impurities & Teatree Has Amazing Antibacterial.

3) Chocolate Mask : Cocoa Is Not Just Yummy To Eat But Did U Know It Has Mind Blowing Antioxidant Properties That Helps In Keeping Your Skin Hydrated & Glowing ! Add Th To Your Regime If You Have & Tired Looking Skin !

4) Brazilian Gold Mask : Since Ancient Times People Have Been Using The Brazilian Gold Clay For Naturally Enhancing Their Beauty This Ingredient Needs No Introduction! If You Have A Party Or Wedding To Attend To & You Don’t Have Enough Time For A Facial Or Chemical Peel THE BRAZILIAN GOLD CLAY WILL RESCUE YOU I Promise It Will Add That Oomph Factor To Your Face !

5) Soothing Cucumber Mask : Soothes and Rejuvenates Dull Skin and helps in detaning your facial skin during hot summer days. Also hydrates and gives you a fresher look instantly

6) Vitamin C Clay Mask : enriched with the goodness of orange oil, this mask helps in removing dullness pigmentation and tired look from your face and helps in getting an even skin tone after regular usage.

7) Matcha Green Tea Mask: Green Tea is well known for its anti oxidant and detoxifying skin effects. This clay mask helps rejuvenate oily skin and helps in reducing the redness and irritation on acne prone skin. A very relaxing aroma rejuvenates your senses and pampers you.

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