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Berry Tint Lip Scrub

"Savor Softness with Our Luscious Berry Tint Lip Scrubs"

Unveil petal-soft lips kissed with a subtle berry hue, using our indulgent Berry Tint Lip Scrubs. Designed with a heavenly blend of organic sugar and lush butters including mango, shea, cocoa, and kokum, each grain gently exfoliates, whisking away dead cells and revealing the delicate softness beneath. Infused with a succulent melody of hydrating oils - pomegranate seed, avocado, castor, ghee, and jojoba - this 15gpot of opulence not only tenderly buffs but also saturates your lips with a moisture-rich embrace, ensuring they remain perpetually soft and irresistibly supple. Indulge in a sweet, tinted escape to enduring softness where every application is a lavish experience, meticulously crafted for your lips to always tell tales of unparalleled softness and delicate berry-tinted whispers.


"Berry Blissful Kisses Await with Our Tinted Lip Scrubs" Indulge in a burst of berry-tinted luxury with our Berry Tint Lip Scrubs, crafted meticulously with organic sugar and a rich entourage of butters including mango, shea, cocoa, and kokum. Every granule gently exfoliates, while a hydrating symphony of pomegranate seed, avocado, castor, ghee, and jojoba oils caresses your lips into supple perfection. Unveil a lush, soft pout that’s not only free from dead cells but also bathed in a delightful berry hue, ensuring your lips are always ready to whisper sweet nothings in the softest, most tempting way. Dive into a jar of berry bliss, where every scrub is a step towards perpetually soft, subtly tinted kisses.

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