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Green Christmas Tree Candle

Our handcrafted Christmas tree candle is a festive marvel, meticulously hand-poured and infused with rich holiday fragrance oils for a truly immersive yuletide experience. The lively green color is a vivid homage to the lush hues of a winter fir, and each layer of the candle is carefully shaped to form a harmonious, tiered silhouette that mirrors the majestic form of a Christmas tree. The candle's surface is adorned with delicate textures that replicate the intricate patterns of pine needles, enhancing its authentic appeal. This candle is not only a visual treat but also a reservoir of seasonal scents, designed to envelop your space with the comforting and familiar aromas associated with the holiday season. Whether lit or unlit, this candle is a statement piece that embodies the essence of Christmas cheer.


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